About us

What are we here for?


We want to make it easy for you to know what’s happening in society

In a world where there is news everywhere, it’s easy to feel a bit lost. It pops up all around, the news. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, at the busstop, on the toilet! The amount of news is inexhaustible. So how can you know if you are actually up to date with what matters most? That you wasn’t distracted by a cat video and therefore missed the most important news story of the day that everyone will be talking about all week?

You know if you used Listen to News. We actually dare saying that. Because we promise that within just 10 minutes you will have heard all the news stories that are most important and relevant to you.

“So how can you possibly promise that?”, you might think. We can because we collect the news from a vast variety of news sources and sort them based on 1) what our editors consider to be of general public importance, 2) what you tell us is important to you – for instance due to your job, studies or interests, and 3) what we think you might also find interesting. 

Oh yeah, and did we mention that while you get up to date, you can easily do whatever you feel like since everything on Listen to News is audio content? Therefore, the only thing you actually need to do is to open Listen to News and just listen while you get dressed in the morning, go to work or school, do laundry, or cook. In this way, within just 10 minutes you can always be up to date with what matters most. And then you can, in good conscience, watch all the cat videos you feel like the rest of the day.



We really prioritize you, your wishes and needs


We don’t believe that we can theorize our way to the perfect news platform. (If only we could). Therefore, we put a lot of effort into asking how you would like your favorite news platform to be, test it, and see how it works. 

In this way, we have come to actually know a lot of News Listeners very well by now, because we really welcome all the feedback we can get, and use it to make Listen to News even better.

So if you’re sitting out there – News Listener or not – and believe that you would use Listen to News every single day if it offered a certain service, feature or maybe joined forces with your favorite news media, then send us an email to rebecca@listentonews.com. Then we’ll get going right away!


We present you with new programmes and podcasts you didn’t know you loved


Aside from a daily news brief, Listen to News also provides you with in-depth knowledge about current affairs. We present you with interesting excerpts of 5 to 10 minutes from this weeks’ podcasts in which journalists and expert sources typically discuss a current topic. In this way, you can get in-depth knowledge about current affairs in no time. And be ready to discuss it with your friends and family the next time you meet.

The app automatically continues to play the in-depth excerpts when you are done with your daily news brief. In this way, you get a good overview as well as in-depth knowledge on the same bike ride. You just hit ‘play’ and listen. You can also choose certain topics that you would prefer to get more in-depth knowledge about. Climate, tech, finance or sports, for instance. Then we’ll make sure to let you know when there are new excerpts about those topics.

To ensure that you’ll never end up in an echo chamber, we make sure that you are always presented with content from a vast variety of different media. So that you keep on boradening your horizon and see things from different sides. In this way, you will also come to discover new programmes and podcasts you didn’t know you loved. (We heard this from several happy News Listeners. A sort of anecdotally documented effect, you could say 😊).